Dear Jonas


Featuring Jon Hemmersam on acoustic guitar & all but one composition and Michael Jefry Stevens on piano. Danish guitarist Jon Hemmersam has sent us some four or five discs over the past few years, each one is quite different both as far as the personnel-wise and musically. For this disc, Mr. Hemmersam plays just acoustic guitar and teams up with former downtown (now living in Nashville) pianist Michael Jefry Stevens. I am not sure how much these two musicians have played together in the past but they certainly sound superb here. The first half of this disc is a three part suite called “The Amber Suite”. Both acoustic instruments are superbly recorded and the balance is perfect. Tentatively at first the guitar and piano delicately swerve around one another in a magical dance. Hemmersam plays a series of exquisite harmonics which ring and bounce off similar notes on the piano. The playing evolves as the the tempo and interplay increases, like a gathering storm the inner vibration escalates as the two spirits soar upwards. This music is often quite beautiful and the sympathetic interplay is often stunning. Perfect music for calm introspection and thoughtful reflection. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery