Sound Spirits

“To me, music is about sound. It is not necessary to feel that music should be divided into harmony, melody and rhythm.”

These descriptions can be touch-stones to achieve certain shapes of desired sonic movements. Sound and Music should not be divided or defined into or by anything. It is simply a matter of being open to the moment, creativity through spontaneity, feeling and listening on impulse.
I believe this is also the nature of improvisation and represents who we are in the present moment.

The first time I heard Evelyn play it was like a musical homecoming. Her playing spoke directly to me like a kindred spirit. Evelyn has no restrictions within her sound creation – just a direct line and contact to the moment and movement. Wonderful watch and amazing to hear, truly inspiring!

It was like a revelation to experience music like this. With Evelyn I was able to connect with the way I have related to music, all my life. The idea to do this recording was born and we agreed it had to be an entirely improvised album. No plans, no arrangements or agreements, just pure improvisation in the moment!

I chose the acoustic guitar to accompany Evelyn’s percussion and the piano. I felt playing acoustic would enhance and elevate our journey. We agreed that blending the senses of the natural overtones from these instruments would be interesting and exciting amplified only by the acoustics of the wooden room at Real World Studios.

Evelyn explained that for her the room is part of the sound, she uses the room as an instrument the original surround sounds if you like. Creating this recording together felt as if we were ‘at one’ with the music, the instruments and the room.

I feel the music has successfully combined two spirits into one and the journey has enabled us to create a truly wonderful spirit of the sounds!

Recorded at Real World “Sound Spirits” is a totally improvised recording by the great Danish guitarist Jon Hemmersam and Evelyn. Instead of employing a vast array of percussion instruments, Evelyn decided to place everything inside of a grand piano to create all the natural percussive and resonant sounds heard on this recording. No enhancement of any kind is used for either musician. The listener experiences two musicians, never having met before this recording, both hearing-impaired, both connecting on a level that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Track Listings

  1. Andalusian Dream
  2. Sound Spirits, Part 1
  3. Sound Spirits, Part 2
  4. Heart Cinema
  5. Touch
  6. Water Crystals
  7. Heart to Heart
  8. Roundabout
  9. Bloom, Part 1
  10. Bloom, Part 2
  11. Glass Mountain


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