Trio Live


Featuring Jon Hemmersam on electric & acoustic guitars, Niels Praestholm on double bass and Rakalam Bob Moses on drums. If the name Jon Hemmersam sounds familiar, it should since I reviewed tow different discs of his over the past fews years. One was a co-led quartet with Dom Minasi and the other a quintet with Dave Liebman & Rakalam on drums and both were great! This disc was recorded live at the Black Spot in Denmark and again, it is an outstanding electric jazz effort. Mr. Hemmersam has an impressive, distinctive and somewhat bluesy tone on his electric guitar. The dynamic rhythm team is equally impressive and perfect for the job. Rakalam is also the drummer of choice for another guitar god, Tisziji Munoz, and is in fine form throughout. Hemmersam occasionally dashes off some lightning-like licks but knows when to lay back and bend certain notes when punctuation is needed. Hemmersam also plays some laid back yet no less impressive acoustic guitar on the lengthy “Part 2”, taking a long, story-like solo, as does Niels on unaccompanied bass. The entire 29-minute piece unfolds organically and is alluring throughout. Even when Jon switches to electric guitar, the same spirit remains and continues to soar. “Part 3” begins with a cosmic, free-flowing bass solo from Niels, before the guitar and drums rejoin and the trio takes off for the stratosphere once again. This is by far, the best (mostly electric) guitar trio disc of the year (April of 2011)! – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery