Remembering The Future

Recorded in New York City the 22th of july, 2008.
Jon Hemmersam: Electric and Acoustic guitar
David Liebman: Soprano and Tenor saxophone, Indian C-flute
Bob Moses: Drums
Michael Jefry Stevens : Piano
Ken Filiano : Double-bass


Featuring Jon Hemmersam on electric & acoustic guitars, David Leibman on soprano & tenor sax & wooden flute, Michael Jefry Stevens on piano, Ken Filiano on double bass and Rakalam Bob Moses on drums. I hadn’t heard of Danish guitarist, Jon Hemmersam, before he recorded a fine double guitar disc with Dom Minasi, a couple of years back. Mr. Hemmersam wrote 3 of the 8 pieces here with four group improvs as well, although it is hard to tell since there is so much empathy between these musicians. The first piece, “Love”, has that warm, floating, modal vibe that is immensely uplifting with some of that superb Trane-like soprano sax from Dave Liebman and sublime, dreamy piano from Mr. Stevens. “Passion” features a powerful tenor sax & drums duo from two musicians who have long worked together, Liebman and Bob Moses. Slowly the bass and guitar come in one at time playing amazing duos with Moses’ amazing drums. Eventually the piece slows down to calm, spacious section with nice unaccompanied piano and bass solos and later some fine wooden flute. “Understanding” is an aptly titled piece since it sounds as if the somber, dream-weaving sound it creates was determined beforehand but who knows… The three songs written by Hemmersam himself are all haunting and feature a number of inspired solos: bowed bass from Mr. Filano, soprano sax from Liebman and some quick, fleet-fingered guitar solos from he leader. Mr. Hemmersam also plays some superb acoustic guitar on “Dom’s Song” which has another enchanting melody played delicately by Liebman on soprano and Stevens; heavenly piano sprinkles. Out of the blue comes “Sprint” which is a furiously played beboppin’ number with smokin’ tenor sax and burnin’ jazz guitar! “Epilogue” is the final piece and it is another inspired, free-flowing group piece with cosmic layers of lines swirling together in an ocean of waves washing over us. Considering how few of us know about Jon Hemmersam, it would be a shame if this great disc didn’t get the recognition it rightly deserves. A must for those who thrive on spirit(ual) music. – Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery